Modern travel management requires fast, streamlined and effective people and technology. At Dana Agency we have the people with the expertise and experience to provide business solution for your specific travel requirements, and the technology to back them up. Our corporate travel management solutions are the perfect combination of cost savings and professional service.


Our History


The company is owned by Sydney Mashego, Lonny and John Larsen.  


It started on a whim and prayer back in 1987 when Lonny and John (who had emigrated to South Africa in 1982) started up the agency.

Initially the focus was in Mozambique where they had many contacts at Foreign Embassies and local businesses.  Business grew steadily, and the first "official? Dana Agency opened in Maputo.

Lonny commuted between Maputo and Nelspruit where she had a small office and with a compliment of two there was not stopping the expansion of Dana Agency.  Eventually the agency grew to such an extent that it joined the City Centre group in 1999.  In 2003 Dana Agency became part of the Travel Experience Group which included Automobile Association and in 2011 Dana Agency joined the Tour Vest Group, one of the biggest Travel Consortiums in South Africa as an Independent Agency.


In 2018 Sydney Mashego a long-time member of staff, bought into the business as partner/owner and with a full complement of 11 staff Dana continues to grow.


The recipe for success?  passion for travel, service excellence and first-hand travel experience.


In 2020, 33 years down the line it is onwards and upwards we say!!

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